Dermafill Microbial Cellulose Wound Dressing

Step 1

Cleanse the wound, following customary good clinical practice as indicated by the wound type and characteristics. After cleansing the wound, remove Dermafill from the envelope and apply to moist wound bed.

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Step 2

Place Dermafill over the moist wound surface, so that the wound is completely covered with 1cm excess around the edges. If necessary, use two or more Dermafill membranes, overlapping them by about 1cm.

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Step 3

In order to obtain complete adhesion to the wound surface, remove any air bubbles and secretions by using gentle pressure from the center outwards on the Dermafill membranes.

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Step 4

Allow the outer surface of the wound dressing to dry while the patient is at rest. Trim any excess membrane, following the contour of the wound and allowing for about a 1cm margin.

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What Others Are Saying...

"Having used Dermafill now for several years, our wound center has found the dressing to be very versatile, saves countless hours of nursing time, and is cost effective; Dermafill has been effectively placed over wounds colonized with MRSA and VRE, chronic and acute wounds, and second degree burns. The dressing suually requires only a single application, patients note instantaneous pain relief, and the haemostatic properties are exceptional."

Lamar Brand MD

~ Lamar Brand, MD
Medical Director Center for Wound Care

Dermafill, Xylinum Cellulose - Cellulose Membrane Dressing

Dermafill is a translucent, semi-opaque biosynthetic cellulose membrane dressing, which at a microscopic level closely resembles the body's own collagen. The nonwoven ribbons of microbial cellulose closely resemble the body’s extracellular matrix yielding a high vapor transfer rate while providing a normal matrix covering the entire wound bed. The result is a fluid balance and mechanical cellular matrix which bridges the wound bed, thus promotes distribution and concentration of growth factors and nutrients needed for healing, while protecting the wound from environmental contamination.

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Dermafill is a non-toxic biocompatible dressing packaged in a sterile envelope. It requires minimal changes, thus reducing the risk of nosocomial contamination associated with dressing changes. When applied, Dermafill becomes transparent, allowing for easy examination of the wound. The product adheres without the use of adhesives and within days a scab forms, incorporating itself into the cellulose matrix. Many report the dressing also virtually eliminates pain in most wounds. When the wound is healed the scab and Dermafill autolytically debrides itself from the surface of the skin. If desired, the dressing can be soaked with normal saline and easily lifted off the wound bed.

Secondary dressings are generally not recommended as they interfere with the vapor transfer rate and fluid balance unique to microbial cellulose dressings. If a wound is over a high friction area such as a joint, the edges can be secured with air-permeable hypoallergenic tape. The transparent nature of the dressing allows for visual observation without the need for dressing changes, while the cellular matrix maintains an environment that promotes granulation and re-epithelialization. Dermafill spontaneously sheds itself and does not uniformly release. Instead, it releases wherever the wound heals which at times is in a patchwork nature.

Dermafill ResultsDermafill ResultsDermafill Results
Before, During and After Dermafill Use

For Use On:

Decubitus & Vascular Skin Ulcers, Second Degree Burns, Skin Graft Sites, Abrasions/Lacerations, Wounds under .5 cm deep, and much more!

What is Dermafill and how does it work?

DermaFill is a form of cellulose, a naturally occurring substance that resemble the body's own collagen. When you have an accident, the body creates collagen to heal the wound. Dermafill replicates this natural healing process and thus offers many benefits when compared to traditional wound care.

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Benefits to Doctors & Nurses

  • Cost and labor savings
  • Extremely versatile
  • Hypoallergenic & latex free
  • Allows observation of healing process
  • Ideal for skin tears and abrasions

Great for Patients

  • Natural microbial cellulose mimics the body's own collagen
  • Decreases chances of infection
  • Instant pain relief reported
  • Scar free healing in many cases
  • Can bathe with dressing in place