Dermafill Microbial Cellulose Wound Dressing

Application Guide

Applying the Dermafill dressing is very straight-forward and was designed to be easy to use.

Cleanse the wound, following customary good clinical practice as indicated by the wound type and characteristics. After cleansing the wound, remove Dermafill from the envelope and moisten membrane with saline.

Place Dermafill over the moise wound surface, so that the wound is completely covered, with 1cm excess around the edges. If necessary, use two or more Dermafill membranes overlapping them by about 1cm.

In order to obtain complete adhesion to the wound surface, remove any air bubbles and secretions by gentle pressure from the center outwards on the membranes.

Allow the outer surface of the wound dressing to dry while the patient is at rest. Trim any excess membrane, following the contour of the wound and allowing for about a 1cm margin.

Detailed Application Reference

Click here to view our Detailed Application Reference.

The detailed application reference provides a quick reference application guide for nurses and care-givers in your organization.