Dermafill Microbial Cellulose Wound Dressing

Company Profile

Cellulose Solutions is a company located in Colquitt, Georgia which specializes in medical solutions such as the exciting new Dermafill wound treatment system. Combining the power of nature and science, we are excited to bring you this bold new product which can actually reduce healing time and pain for most patients. We have been in the wound management business for long enough to know that the best way to heal the body is to let the body heal itself! Our company can help you to find the right solution for your wound care patient's needs, so call us today!

Cellulose Solutions was founded to develop, manufacture and market microbial cellulose. When one thinks about cellulose, they usually think about cotton, trees or other plant-based forms of cellulose. One need only look around and it is hard not to see a product made from plant based cellulose. Anselme Payen a French chemist discovered plant based cellulose in 1838 and as early as 1870 the Hyatt Manufacturing Company began polymerizing cellulose.

Unlike plant cellulose, microbial cellulose is produced by bacteria. At a microscopic level the two forms of cellulose (plant v. bacterial) appear quite different and this is why they perform so differently. Microbial cellulose is much finer in structure, the fibers are longer and stronger, and the environment of the culture reside can be controlled to produce many variations of cellulose. Once collected the cellulose can be polymerized lending to infinite applications. Potential products range from electronic paper, filters for hydrogen fuel cells, to heart stints, synthetic Dura mater, Scaffolding for engineered tissue and wound care dressings that function much like an artificial skin and an infinite number of medical and nonmedical products.

One of the chief impediments to the marketplace has been man’s inability to produce industrial quantities of microbial cellulose for commercialization. Fibrocel Produtos Biotechnologies LTDA (Fibrocel) a Brazilian company has successfully produced industrial quantities of microbial cellulose from Acetobacter species, A. xylinum. Fibrocel has marketed their dressing worldwide under a number of names including BioFill, BioProcess, NexFill, and Dermafill.

Cellulose Solutions' team members have been working with Fibrocel on microbial cellulose dressings since early 2001. The first product Cellulose Solutions is bringing to the marketplace is Dermafill, an FDA approved, extremely versatile wound dressing manufactured by Fibrocel. The properties of the dressing are quite unique. Patients and physicians have reported that wounds that had been non-healing, have healed with Dermafill. The dressing is clear and resembles the body’s own collagen so it is well tolerated. A wise man once said, "the body was designed to heal itself – all we need to do is remove the obstacles and it will do all the rest." As one can see at a microscopic or cellular level, microbial cellulose provides a scaffold or semi-rigid nanostructure identical to the body’s own tissue. The spaghetti-like strands form a superhighway for the body's healing cells to course across the entire wound bed. This appears to be the key to the improved clinical outcomes, and why physicians have observed wounds previously non-responsive to other therapies heal using DermaFill.

Healthcare professionals can see through the dressing allowing them to quickly and thoroughly monitor the healing process. The pore size provides a very generous vapor transfer rate of the dressing allows for easy passage of air to the wound while being small enough to help prevent bacteria from penetrating the dressing. By limiting the number of dressing changes and covering the wound with a dressing that resembles one's own skin, the chances for nosocomial infections may be substantially reduced. Physician and nursing personnel report the dressing has excellent haemostatic properties even on patients treated with blood thinners. Dermafill attaches securely to the wound bed without adhesives which eliminates allergic reactions to adhesives and damage to thin skin. Skin tears are the perfect indication for Dermafill.

Up to 90% of the total cost to care for patients wounds can be the cost of labor. The industry is further challenged by the fact that nursing shortages compromise precious staff time as staff members are consumed with changing expensive daily dressings. As Dermafill’s biologically compatible nano structure is clear and requires fewer dressing changes, it allows staff to quickly monitor and document the wound, reducing labor costs substantially, while providing improved outcomes.

Much of today’s healthcare industry is cost driven and margins are razor thin. Adding to this, nursing shortages and ever increasing labor and supply costs and it is no wonder why Cellulose Solutions, LLC and Dermafill are enjoying great acceptance in the marketplace.