Dermafill Microbial Cellulose Wound Dressing

34 Y/O Female

Day 1

  • Morbidly obese uncontrolled with a history of: type II diabeties, asthma, CHF, lymphedema and poorly controlled hypertension
  • Patient presented with second and third degree burns on left inner thigh measuring 29 X 39cm
  • Patient burned with hot grease while cooking

Day 2

  • Patient's wound surgically debrided

Day 2

  • Wound debrided in operating room revealing second and third degree burns

DermaFill applied in Operating room

  • DermaFill is overlapped when wound is larger than dressing and seamlessly becomes one

Day 6 

  • DermaFill is securely attached to wound bed
  • Patient remains pain free and free of signs and symptoms of infection
  • Dressing patched if it cracks

Day 27

  • Patient has been at home for 2 weeks caring for herself
  • Patinet showers and remains pain free
  • Note: Patchwork pattern as DermaFill flakes off wherever the undying tissue is healed even in the middle of the wound

*Note the presence of hair over previously        burned tissue at 3 months

10 Month (follow-up)

  • The patient healed with excellent form and function with one dressing change
  • Pain free course of therapy with excellent cosmetic result