Dermafill Microbial Cellulose Wound Dressing

Case Studies

34 Y/O Female

Day 1

  • Morbidly obese uncontrolled with a history of: type II diabeties, asthma, CHF, lymphedema and poorly controlled hypertension
  • Patient presented with second and third degree burns on left inner thigh measuring 29 X 39cm
  • Patient burned with hot grease while cooking

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44 Y/O Female (snake bite)

Patient bit by a water moccasin on thumb

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81 Y/O Female

Patient fell injuring face and scalp

  • Irradiated wound
  • 2 pk/day smoker
  • Patient recieved 7000 cGy radiation for throat cancer 6 months earlier

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92 Y/O Female

Non healing traumatic wound to left leg from fall

  • Measurements 10.7cm X 8.4cm depth to bone
  • Hx: Leg varicosities, with ulcers bone and cartilage disorder, hypoxemia & cardiac disease, PVD, long term coumadin therapy
  • Wound painful and prevented exercise and rehabilitation
  • Open wound placed subject at increased risk of infection

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