Dermafill Microbial Cellulose Wound Dressing

92 Y/O Female

Non healing traumatic wound to left leg from fall

  • Measurements 10.7cm X 8.4cm depth to bone
  • Hx: Leg varicosities, with ulcers bone and cartilage disorder, hypoxemia & cardiac disease, PVD, long term coumadin therapy
  • Wound painful and prevented exercise and rehabilitation
  • Open wound placed subject at increased risk of infection

Wound remained open 3 weeks prior to DermaFill application

  • Patient had been receiving painful dressing changes 6 to 8 times/daily
  • Once DermaFill was applied, bleeding and pain ceased

Within 2 hours

  • Dressing sealed securely in place

Within 16 hours of Dermafill dressing application

  • patient ambulating and receiving physical therapy without need for secondary dressing or pain medication

Note: Dressing adheres to wound not surrounding tissue

  • High vapor transfer rate prevents maceration of tissue

Patient discharged, home within 40 hours of DermaFill application

  • Single application
  • No pain following application
  • Bleeding stopped
  • Infection prevented

Dressing securely in place at 10 days.

  • Patient at home showering

6 month follow-up with family physician

  • Patient had healed original wound but fell and reinjured previously damaged area
  • Family used DermaFill for patching on 2 new skin tears aquired 10 days earlier