Dermafill Microbial Cellulose Wound Dressing

Case Studies

60 Y/O Female

EMT - Run over by jeep

  • 2 pk/day smoker
  • Patient developed compartment syndrome progressed to necrotizing fasciitis
  • Mixed culture Strep A and MRSA

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13 Y/O Male

Patient run over by tractor and is otherwise healthy

  • Road rash
  • No active bleeding

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75 Y/O Female

Wound to bridge of nose

  • Bony involvement injury from lid of trash can
  • C & S mixed with MRSA, Hx of hypertension, CAD, 2Pk/day smoker
  • Patient noted pain relief with application of DermaFill Requested steri strip be placed at edges of dressing for her glasses to rest on

Lower picture

  • DermaFill at 7 Days

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61 Y/O Male

Day 1

  • Wound from horse trailer injury
  • Ischemic wound
  • ABI 40% TCPO2 25 C & S mixed culture
  • Patient treated X 3 weeks prior to being seen at wound center unsuccessfully

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